Spectacular Hiring

Every day, businesses in every industry all around the world, interview and then fail to hire candidates that they know can fill desperate needs,  transform their company, or double sales. Even worse, most companies never even see the best candidates because they hunt only among the unhappy and unemployed.

And the real problem isn’t what they think it is.

They aren’t paying attention to the most critical factor in hiring sought after wizards – the critical ingredient that determines what their candidates will actually DO – and WHEN they will do it.

They don’t know what that critical factor is, and even if I told them right now, they wouldn’t know what to do about it (or HR wouldn’t let them).

We do.  I’m Bryan Dilts, and for the past 25 years our proprietary courses have helped recruiters, managers, and entrepreneurs harvest the gurus they previously left languishing until a competitor stole the candidate.

We can help you with every part of your recruiting cycle:

retained search
search planning
resume screening
interview training
search supervision
candidate screening
full interviews
final candidate reviews

Whether you need training for every hiring manager and HR recruiter, some help plowing through resumes, or a full fledged retained search partner, we can help.