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MasterStream Precision Sales Techniques©


Every day, sales representatives in every industry all around the world lose business they could have closed… and their problem isn’t what they think it is. They aren’t paying attention to the most critical factor in selling… the crucial ingredient  that determines what their prospects will buy, and when they’ll take action. They don’t know what it is… and even if they did, they wouldn’t know what to do about it.  We do — and for the past 20 years, we’ve been training sales professionals how to harness prospect productivity through our proprietary method … MasterStream

It’s not a rehash of the basics.  It’s not a rah-rah, motivational hypefest.  It’s not a fragmented
collection of ephemeral anecdotes and trite phrases — nor a resurrection of tired
closes and time-worn objection-handling techniques.

Instead, the MasterStream Method stands alone at the cutting-edge of professional selling techniques.  It’s designed specifically for companies whose success hinges on building and strengthening long-term relationships with their existing and prospective customers … and focusing those relationships toward reaching mutually-beneficial goals.  Anchored on a customer-centered, ethics-oriented, non-manipulative philosophy, the MasterStream Method offers veteran and novice sales professionals alike a comprehensive system for assisting others in making the decisions they need to make — and taking action on those decisions in a timely fashion.

Regardless of the approach they’re currently using —
Regardless of the results they’re currently getting — 

MasterStream will immediately boost your sales force’s
ability to secure more of the business they’re losing today. 

Whether you’re looking for a short keynote or a comprehensive training program …

It’s time for MasterStream!



MasterStream Precision Sales Techniques© is designed especially for experienced sales and marketing professionals who wish to expand their repertoire of sales skills far beyond the basics. This program is ideal for all novice to veteran sales professionals engaged in relationship-oriented selling — and a valuable experience for anyone who needs to influence others in any area of life. That includes:

  • NOVICE SALES REPRESENTATIVES will get off to a solid start in building their careers with our logical, practical and comfortable method for influencing others.  There is simply nothing more basic and important for a novice to understand than MasterStream.
  • VETERAN SALES REPRESENTATIVES will benefit from the clarity MasterStream provides, reinforcing all of the useful skills they have developed and exposing the sore spots each and every sales professional must identify and overcome.  There is simply nothing more ADVANCED and powerful for a veteran to understand than MasterStream.
  • SALES MANAGERS will learn a sales approach that is far more trainable and realistic than anything else they’ve encountered.  MasterStream provides a structure and language that simplifies the task of supporting a team of sales professionals — and gives them an approach they’re more likely to use.
  • EXECUTIVES of all varieties will discover a comfortable yet powerful way to boost their effectiveness during negotiations, mergers and acquisitions.
  • INDEPENDENT BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS and ENTREPRENEURS will keep their businesses profitable by employing MasterStream in all of their ventures. Whether they are opening doors or closing deals, the skills taught in MasterStream will support them in developing mutually beneficial relationships with everyone they choose.


Consistently described as the most logical, practical, & comfortable approach available anywhere, MasterStream has helped thousands of professionals from coast to coast and across the globe close more business in less time.

MasterStream training is not a rehash of basic selling skills, rather, building on your team’s existing skills, this program teaches them to accurately predict and measurably control the responses of their prospective and existing clients.  Emphasis is placed on easily-mastered skills for building instant rapport, increasing prospect productivity, reducing presentation time, and eliminating objections.  MasterStream training provides a thorough understanding of the psychology of change management and patterns of conscious and unconscious communication — and will immediately enable you to secure more appointments, dramatically reduce the amount of time required to close a sale, increase your closing average, disarm your prospects’ resistance, and build your referral base.

All MasterStream Precision Sales Techniques training programs are customized to meet the needs of each client.  Depending on the results of the customization process and duration of the program desired, the program may include:

  • The Nature of Change —  In this module, we present the six fundamental concepts on which the MasterStream Method is based: Change, Control, Value, Productive Tension, Structure and Fully-Integrated Honesty.
  • The ChangeGrid — During this module, participants complete an individual “ChangeGrid” — our proprietary diagnostic tool which reveals the level of productive tension each participant is experiencing across a wide range of sales-related activities. Participants also learn several ChangeGrid Maneuvers — techniques for managing productive tension in themselves and their existing and prospective customers.
  • The MasterStream Strategic Framework — This module presents our visual model for monitoring and maintaining the ideal conditions for a successful sale.
  • The MasterStream Approach — This section explores all of the ways in which MasterStream’s fundamental principles apply and impact each of the 5 phases of the sales approach: Connecting, Analyzing, Solving, Committing and Relieving. Depending on the length of the program, for each phase, we will explore its Goals, Strategy, General Guidelines, Path of Self-Discovery, Protocol, Common Errors and Decision Map.
  • Applications of the MasterStream Method — This section puts participants into a variety of sales situations and gives them the opportunity to apply the concepts and skills they have learned.
  • Drill for Skill — This module exercises each participant’s ability to perform the specific skills taught during the program.  Included are a variety of drills that the client may continue as reinforcement after the program has concluded, including:  Unison, Progressive, Richochet, Hot Potato, Fountain, Speed and Scramble drills.
  • Rehearsals — This module takes traditional role playing to a new level, adding numerous audience involvement techniques designed to boost the comprehension and command of everyone in attendance.  Rehearsals methods include:  Diad, Triad, Fishbowl, Showtime and Real Play.


As a result of attending, participants will be equipped to:

  • Understand the key role that productive tension plays in every sales situation.
  • Identify the level of productive tension each of their prospects is experiencing — and     what issues serve as its source.
  • Monitor and manage each prospect’s level of productive tension throughout the entire sales process.
  • Create and deliver a strong opening statement that targets a prospect’s source of tension.
  • Formulate and pose a line of questions that stimulate productive tension while revealing important information.
  • Develop and deliver a focused, streamlined solutions presentation that optimizes productive tension.
  • Secure an objection-free commitment and protect the sale from post-meeting deal-stealers.
  • Enhance and expand the relationship with every client.
  • Gather more qualified referrals from the existing client base.
  • Profile their client base, prospect base and lead sources using productive tension as the key qualification.
  • Reduce the sales cycle to the shortest possible timeframe.
  • Increase their closing rate, making everyone much more money.
  • Effectively eliminate the key sources of frustration which prevent all sales representatives from building their businesses and enjoying their careers.

What the MasterStream Technology is:

  • a new approach for influencing others
  • a new language for describing how people behave
  • a unique framework for understanding what people will do and when they will do it
  • a comprehensive set of skills for facilitating the sales and management process
  • an ethics-oriented, non-manipulative method of working with others
  • a widely-applicable tool, useful in all areas of professional and personal life
  • a fast-paced, stimulating and thought-provoking training program
  • a detailed protocol for every stepof a sales or leadership attempt

What the MasterStream Technology isn’t:

  • a rehash of the basic communication or sales skills
  • a replacement for what you’re currenty doing
  • a quick fix
  • a motivational, “rah-rah” pep rally
  • a mystical, feel good, “believe & receive” hype-fest
  • slow-paced, unimaginative or boring


All programs are customized to address the unique needs of each audience.  Programs are conducted through the dialectic technique — a method which maximizes audience participation, boosts comprehension and increases retention — and include a variety of exercises and small group discussions.

MasterStream Method training programs are available in many formats ranging from a 60-minute keynote address to a 12-week comprehensive course.

Choose a format based on the depth of training you desire:

If you want your group to develop:
Choose this format:
Initial Exposure
InStream® Coaching
Other formats available include:
Spaced Learning
Four to Twelve-Week Courses
Intensive Overview
Executive Essentials
Individual Pace
Personal Training
In-House Facilitator Certification