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      Why salespeople fail

Every day, businesses in every industry all around the world fail to make sales to qualified, hungry clients who desperately need what they are selling.  And the real problem isn't what they think it is.  They aren't paying attention to the most critical factor factor in sales - the critical  ingredient that determines what their customers will do and when they will do it.

Because sales managers don't understand that critical ingredient, they often think their only problem is who they actually have selling.  In reality, there are 3 ways to fix sales.

3 Ways To Fix Sales

    1.      Retool the sales process
    2.      Fix the sales team
    3.      Get new team members

How many do you need to do?  Just number 3 ?  All 3 ?

I'm not going to help you hire another sales zombie.  I won't do it.  I connect the BEST people with the BEST companies.  I will not help you hire a salesperson I know will fail.  I will not screw up someone's career.

I can help retool your sales process and fix the sales team.

I can get top talent for you.

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