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Getting real programming talent

Yes, occasionally exceptional programming talent is cheap.  One company hired a high school junior I recommended. After 6 months they replaced their 4 college degreed programmers with him alone.  In 2 months he completely rewrote the application that the 4 college grads had taken 2 years to do poorly.  That kid is now in college after quitting a $90K job.  He has a small startup company with a top Google executive on his board. This kid works part-time for $100+/hr and is worth way more than he is paid because he produces 5 times as much outstanding and maintainable programming as an average programmer.

Another company replaced their team of programmers with one exceptional guy who they pay $125/hr for.  Since they hired him they have replaced major parts of their application.  To free him up they have hired one more exceptional programmer I recommended and they pay him only $60K.  Their customers never have complaints about mistakes, and the company is making several times more than it was before---in a recession.

And we have a few programmers placed at $35/hr - $80/hr.  They are good guys doing a solid journeyman job. What is best for you depends on your budget, your company's internal politics, what you need to accomplish, your timeframe, and whether you can stand paying for the absolute best, or if you just want the cheapest.

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