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Dilts & Associates

Top Notch Bankers

I steal the best people from good banks.  I connect them with the best banks.   It takes a lot of work to find the best people at a bank. I wish it was as easy as putting an ad in the paper.

Advertising and Monster are the most expensive way to find great bankers.  The trouble with advertising is that you get
        1.    The best of the unhappy
        2.    The best of the unemployed
        3.    The best of the unskilled

Believe it or not, in 2010 a bank in PA actually put an advertisement in the local paper for a new bank president.  You tell me:  Are the good bank president's reading the want ads?

Honest, which top performers spend their day looking at the job ads? Very few, and once they find the first decent job, they're hired.  They don't need to shop long.

I'll entice the best people, who are already MOSTLY happily employed,  to consider your job opportunity.  Can your standard HR recruiter do that?

Take this survey to help me assess the results you are getting from your recruiting process. I'll get in touch with you afterwards and we can talk about how I can fit into your processes.
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Jobs we can advertise

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