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Sell Boatloads More In Half The Time -- How many prospects bought inferior products because you failed to get them to act?  Would you like to be able to light a fire under them and get them to buy now? MasterStream Precision Sales Techniques© will show you how to use integrity based selling to make sales in half the time it has taken you up to now.  The best part?  You'll also get more qualified referrals to lead to your next sale.

MasterStream Precison Sales Techniques© – A revolutionary approach for closing more business in less time. You will learn six fundamental concepts on which the MasterStream Method is based: Change, Control, Value, Productive Tension, Structure, and Fully-Integrated Honesty.

The MasterStream Strategic Framework — experience our visual model for monitoring and maintaining the ideal conditions for a successful sale.

The MasterStream Approach — We explore all of the ways in which MasterStream's fundamental principles apply and impact each of the 5 phases of the sales approach: Connecting, Analyzing, Solving, Committing, and Relieving.

Beloved Ways To Kill Sales – Almost every sales trainer teaches you more than one of these sales killing ideas. I could list them right now, but you need to understand the MasterStream to understand the problems and the solutions.

A Lifetime of Leads – Nine methods for building your business without making cold calls. Gain new skills, develop new strategies and renew your enthusiasm as you explore several practical alternatives to traditional telemarketing — we'll be cherry picking just a few of 500 insights in total.

Building a Career that Matters -- this information-packed lesson will help you to get on – and STAY on — the right path for building a successful professional career. But BE CAREFUL. If you are in the wrong place, are defeating yourself, or are in a hidden dead-end, you will not be comfortable there any longer

The ChangeGrid — you will complete an individual “ChangeGrid” — our proprietary diagnostic tool which reveals the level of productive tension each participant is experiencing across a wide range of sales-related activities. You will also learn several ChangeGrid Maneuvers — techniques for managing productive tension in yourself and your existing and prospective customers.


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