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Sales Manager Resources

Strategic Sales Change – strategic plans are usually abandoned in a matter of months, though it takes a year for the corpse to be buried. The "ChangeGrid", our proprietary crowbar for making strategic change really happen, can be used with groups and individuals to permanently transform your sales team.

Identify Sales Wizards – the ChangeGrid can help you quickly weed through the world class actors who want to sell for you (or who already do). It is not a test. It is a way to avoid hiring apathy and desperation, while focusing in on the elite few who are a perfect fit for your opportunity.

Hiring Explosive Sales Growth – use the secrets of "MasterStream" interview management to interest the candidates you want and weed out the ones you don't. The MasterStream will give you a clear understanding of what all the real motivators are, and help you show the best candidates why they should turn down more money and a title to go to work for you.

Coaching Significant Sales Improvement – enlist your salespeople in managing their own change. Use the ChangeGrid to get THEM to tell you how to move them permanently into new habits

Engineers Really Can Sell – We will train your engineers, programmers, and support staff to enhance your sales. An integrity based approach to allow everyone you take on a call, or who picks up a phone at HQ to participate in the sale and not destroy it.

Pride-Based Leadership – harnessing the power of the people. Focusing on the application of ChangeWorks! and MasterStream in the daily activities of a leader. Identify numerous distinctions between pride-based and shame-based leadership approaches. Increase the sense of individual and team pride in the workplace.

Fix 'em, Fire 'em, or Find another of 'em – see dramatic rapid improvement in your salespeople who are anxious to learn. Quickly identify and fire the ones who are apathetic or just out of their league. And when you have a great salesperson, hire another one that is that good or better. The ChangeGrid is they key to the heart and mind of your sales team.

Customer Experience Management – establishing, maximizing & leveraging richer customer relationships. Take traditional customer service training to an entirely new level  in strategic design and delivery.   From concept to execution, this program explores every aspect of initiating, developing and maintaining mutually-beneficial customer relationships.  Rather than focus on a collection of basic advice points and anecdotal stories, MasterStream: Customer Experience Management focuses on the underlying principles and specific skills required for building a strong, satisfied and loyal customer base.


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