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Dilts & Associates

Privacy Policy

We will not sell, give, or transmit your information without your permission.

We don't spam.

If you want off our mailing list, you will be taken off.

If you are a job candidate we have to share your information to help you get a job.  Live with it. We will not post your information on the open internet without your permission. The only time we put identifiable resumes on the internet is when we are sharing them with other recruiters on what we understand to be secure sites that are only accessible by independent recruiters who share our values. We do our best to keep you safe. We will submit your credentials to companies in accordance with what we understand to be your wishes.  We try to be careful, but we cannot control everyone and everything.  We are not responsible if your boss, company, friends, enemies, competitors, or an investigative troll figures out how to embarrass or abuse you.  We have a very high reputation and represent people from CEO's and Presidents to assembly line workers in their job searches.  We'll treat your information with care and respect. 

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These are keynote and multi-day classes we give at corporate retreats.

Classes available for:

   Sales Management
   Management & Leadership

Jobs we can advertise

click here for some of the jobs we can advertise.  Many top level searches cannot be announced.