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Pride Based Leadership


Pride-Based Leadership is an in-depth program focusing on the application of ChangeWorks! and MasterStream in the daily activities of a leader. The program identifies numerous distinctions between pride-based and shame-based leadership approaches and provides participants with a strategy for increasing a sense of individual and team pride in the workplace. Designed for all levels of management and supervision, this program applies the MasterStream Method to raising employee satisfaction and performance to their highest levels.

With a tough economy and employee confidence at an all time low, today more than ever, businesses of every size need the strongest leadership teams they can build — and to meet that challenge, leadership programs are everywhere you turn.  Unfortunately, virtually every program's actual focus is on basic supervisory and management skills — NOT the unique skills associated with true leadership.

In fact, the topic of leadership has become so broad it's been diluted to little more than a generic buzzword.  Along the way, the true role of a leader — and the true skills of leadership — have been lost under a pile of tasks more appropriately assigned to supervisory and management team personnel.

Pride-Based Leadership takes a radically different approach, focusing on the four key skill areas that distinguish true leaders from all others, specifically:

                  • they have the ability to awaken and sustain desire in their followers.
                  • they have the ability to articulate a compelling vision.
                  • they have the ability to mobilize the efforts of others.
                  • they have the ability to develop followers into leaders.



Pride-Based Leadership is appropriate for everyone who carries any formal or informal responsibility for identifying, supporting and developing talent in others. The program is fast-paced and fun.  A balance of lecture, one-on-one and small-group activities makes the sessions enjoyable — and the learning effortless.  There is ample time to practice and apply newly acquired and enhanced leadership skills with other members of the group — and every participant leaves with an action plan for implementing their new skills immediately upon their return.



Core Knowledge Module — ALL MasterStream Method training programs are built on the same foundation of core knowledge, including concepts from both ChangeWorks and MasterStream.  Depending on the group's prior experience with the MasterStream Method, this module ranges from 2 to 6 hours in duration, exclusive of breaks.  Topics covered include:

                  • The Nature of Change
                  • Understanding the Human Enterprise
                  • The Philosophy of Value
                  • The ChangeGrid
                  • Tension Management
                  • The MasterStream
                  • The Path of Self-Discovery

Principles of Pride-Based Leadership Module — This module explores the specific concepts and skills associated with true leadership, and compares traditional shame-based management behaviors to pride-based leadership behaviors.  This module is 4 hours in duration, exclusive of breaks.  Topics covered include:

                  • A clearer definition of Leadership
                  • Leadership:  A Shame-Filled History
                  • Comparing Pride-Based vs Shame-Based Leadership
                  • Understanding Motivation Mythology and Methodology
                  • Eliminating Shame from the Workplace
                  • Awakening Pride in Others
                  • Re-Engineering the Leadership Role

Topical Applications Modules — While Pride-Based Leadership is singular in its focus it is broad in application.  Leaders invariably carry numerous management and supervisory responsibilities and it is critical that they conduct themselves in a manner that does not compromise their ability to lead.  With that in mind, Pride-Based Leadership can be applied to virtually every management and supervisory duty.  Clients may select one or more of the following modules.  Each module is 3 hours in duration, exclusive of breaks. 

• Professional Selling
• Negotiating Skills

• Media Relations
• Communication
• Public Speaking
• Delivering Bad News
• Staff Training
• Staff Supervision
• Conducting a Meeting
• Self-Management
• Strategic Planning
• Incentive Planning

• Influencing Others
• Networking
 • Behavior Management
 • Marketing & Promotion
 • Presentation Skills
 • Recruiting & Interviewing
 • Performance Review
  • Employee Development
 • Employee Counseling
 • Group Management
 • Team Building
• Events Management


All programs are customized to address the unique needs of each audience.  Programs are conducted through the dialectic technique — a method which maximizes audience participation, boosts comprehension and increases retention — and include a variety of exercises and small group discussions.

Pride-Based Leadership is available in a variety of formats ranging from a 1-hour keynote address to an 8-day comprehensive training program.   The program is modular in design, allowing clients to focus on the applications most important to them.

Choose a format based on the depth of training you desire:

If you want your group to develop:
Choose this format:
Initial Exposure
InStream® Coaching
Other formats available include:
Spaced Learning    
Four to Twelve-Week Courses
Intensive Overview
Executive Essentials
Individual Pace
Personal Training
In-House Facilitator Certification

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