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Precision Decisions


Decisions ... decisions ... decisions!  You make them every day. In fact, WHO you are today and WHERE you are today is the direct result of the decisions you’ve made up until now.  So just how good are you at making the BEST decisions?  The QUALITY of your life is determined by the QUALITY of the decisions you make — and this program is designed to help you make the highest quality decisions in the shortest amount of time possible.

Precision Decisions is an in-depth exploration of the Path of Self-Discovery and its value in facilitating the decision making process. With its strong emphasis on managing discussions, the program explains how the participants can help themselves and others in making the highest-quality decision in the shortest period of time. This fast-paced and entertaining program presents a method for making higher quality decisions in all areas of an individual's personal and professional life. In addition the program teaches participants how to apply the technique during staff meetings, brainstorming sessions and general staff supervision.



Precision Decisions is an ideal program for anyone interested in making better decisions in their personal and professional lives, including: executives, managers, department heads, team leaders, business partners, professionals and individuals. The program is fast-paced and fun.  A balance of lecture, one-on-one and small-group activities makes the sessions enjoyable — and the learning effortless.  There is ample time to practice and apply newly acquired and enhanced leadership skills with other members of the group — and every participant leaves with an action plan for implementing their new skills immediately upon their return.


This comprehensive training program integrates the key concepts of the MasterStream Method into a modern approach for making the right choice at the right time, including insights, tools and techniques to help you:

• identify barriers to effective decision making
• view decision making as a journey
• develop a clearer understanding of the change process
• learn a logical process for streamlining decision making
• conduct shorter, more productive meetings
• overcome indecisiveness
• contain non-productive emotions
• view a situation from all sides
• identify the 3 most common dysfunctional patterns in decision making
• increase communication
• map an individual’s decision making process
• equalize the power of participants in a decision making situation
• pre-determine the way the change will be received best
• package the decision in it's most favorable light



Precision Decisions is modular in design, allow complete flexibility in the design and delivery of the training program.  Depending on depth and duration of the program desired, a Precision Decisions program may include:

The Nature of Change In this module, we present the six fundamental concepts on which the MasterStream Method is based: Change, Control, Value, Productive Tension, Structure and Fully-Integrated Honesty.

The ChangeGrid® During this module, participants complete an individual “ChangeGrid” — our proprietary diagnostic tool which reveals the level of productive tension each participant is experiencing across a wide range of decision-related activities. Participants also learn several ChangeGrid Maneuvers — techniques for managing productive tension in themselves and others.

Decision Making 101 — Basic concepts of traditional problem solving and decision making are the focus of this module which explores the pitfalls of strategic planning and presents a new approach designed to eliminate the challenges inherent in the traditional methods.

Terrains, Paths, Steps & Tools — The Precision Decision Process involves a specific model and toolkit for making the best decisions.  This module introduces the model and equips participants to identify and eliminate dysfunctional decision making patterns by following the “Path of Self-Discovery”

Communicating the Decision — Once a decision has been made, the real work begins.  The challenge in effective decision making is not in the formulation of a plan, but the COMMUNICATION of that plan to the individuals impacted by the decision.  This module prepares the decision maker to present the plan in the manner most likely to be accepted and supported by others.

Applications of the Precision Decision Process — This section puts participants into a variety of decision making situations and gives them the opportunity to apply the concepts and skills they have learned.

Classic Theories / Modern Thoughts — For students with a background in structured decision making, this module allows an opportunity for classic theories of to be blended with modern thought and subjected to scrutiny from MasterStream’s tension-based perspective.

Drill for Skill — This module exercises each participant’s ability to perform the specific skills taught during the program.  Included are a variety of drills that the client may continue as reinforcement after the program has concluded, including:  Unison, Progressive, Ricochet, Hot Potato, Fountain, Speed and Scramble drills.

Rehearsals This module takes traditional role playing to a new level, adding numerous audience involvement techniques designed to boost the comprehension and command of everyone in attendance.  Rehearsals methods include:  Diad, Triad, Fishbowl, Showtime and Real Play.

Private Coaching — For the ultimate in skill development, private coaching sessions allow one-on-one training focused on the specific needs of the individual student.


All programs are customized to address the unique needs of each audience.  Programs are conducted through the dialectic technique — a method which maximizes audience participation, boosts comprehension and increases retention — and include a variety of exercises and small group discussions.

ChangeWorks! Personal and Professional Change Management Systyem is available in several formats. Choose a format based on the depth of training you desire:

If you want your group to develop:
Choose this format:
Initial Exposure
InStream® Coaching
Other formats available include:
Spaced Learning    
Four to Twelve-Week Courses
Intensive Overview
Executive Essentials
Individual Pace
Personal Training
In-House Facilitator Certification

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