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ChangeWorks! -- Change management that really works. An in-depth evaluation of the real reasons for change and what causes self destructive resistance to improvement. How to get the most hardened individuals to embrace and champion major changes.

Mastering Group Change -- The  "ChangeGrid", our proprietary diagnostic instrument reveals how well a group is coping with the specific changes taking place in their personal and professional lives. You can then take the steps necessary to make sure change occurs permanently in the direction you want. You will learn how to move a group, and how to move the individuals that just aren't working with the rest of the team.

Hiring Real Change – before hiring a dud accurately weed out the incompetent, the unhappy, and the unsavory people who are experts at hiding their problems.  Save yourself from importing apathy or unneeded stress into your group. You will get the keys to hiring and managing positive change agents.

Fix 'em or Fire 'em – using the "ChangeGrid" to accelerate individual change or identify people who should just be fired. This is how to get into a person's mind for each activity that is causing problems and getting them to help identify the cure.

Managing Money Out – use the secrets of "MasterStream" interview management to interest the candidates you want and weed out the ones you don't.  The MasterStream in inteviews will give you a clear understanding of what all the real motivators are, and help you show the best candidates why they should turn down more money and a title to go to work for you.

TeamBuilder -- unites and focuses the individual members of a group into a cohesive and committed team. This program illustrates how applying specific MasterStream skills can positively impact interpersonal relationships and boost the effectiveness of any organization..

The ChangeGrid — you will complete an individual “ChangeGrid” — our proprietary diagnostic tool which reveals the level of productive tension each participant is experiencing across a wide range of activities. You will also learn several ChangeGrid Maneuvers — techniques for managing productive tension in yourself and your existing and prospective employees.

Building a Career that Matters -- this information-packed lesson will help you to get on – and STAY on — the right path for building a successful professional career. But BE CAREFUL. If you are in the wrong place, are defeating yourself, or are in a hidden dead-end, you will not be comfortable there any longer

Coaching For Performance -- Conquering the 80% existence.  You know what I mean.  They are doing the 80% of the work that only gets 20% of the potential results. When your team has the capacity and capability, but not the performance, what do you do?

Pride-Based Leadership
– harnessing the power of the people. Focusing on the application of ChangeWorks! and MasterStream in the daily activities of a leader. Identify numerous distinctions between pride-based and shame-based leadership approaches. Increase the sense of individual and team pride in the workplace.


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