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Dilts & Associates
All positions secured through our services are on an employer paid basis only.

Retained Searches

Our retained searches are done for a flat fee negotiated based on the expected annual income of the individual.  Approximately 1/3 of the fee is due  when the engagement starts, 1/3 when the list of finalists is presented, and the final amount upon hiring of an individual.

We are shameless networkers when doing retained search and often turn up candidates that first contact the company and not us.  No matter the source of the final hire, the full fee is due when anyone, including an internal candidate, is hired.  In addition, candidates presented that are hired for other jobs earn a fee of 33% of their first year compensation,

Additional details including guarantees are available by contacting us.

Contingent Searches

There is no charge for our services until you hire the candidate we have located for you.

Our fee is earned if a candidate is hired, directly or indirectly, for any position by the employer or any of its affiliates, as a result of our efforts. The fee is also earned in the event the employer refers the candidate to another employer who hires the candidate.

This fee is up to 33% of the employee's first year's base salary and other compensation or a reasonable estimate of the annualized hourly wage.

Additional details including guarantees are available by contacting us.

Additional Information

AGI adheres to the strict Standards of Ethical Practices of the National Associate of Personnel Services and the Statement of Business Principles of the TechServe Alliance..

We subscribe to the Equal Employment Opportunity practices of the federal and state government. We refer all qualified candidates without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, physical handicap or medical condition.

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These are keynote and multi-day classes we give at corporate retreats.

Classes available for:

   Sales Management
   Management & Leadership

Jobs we can advertise

click here for some of the jobs we can advertise.  Many top level searches cannot be announced.