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Coaching For Performance

Conquering the 80% existence.  You know what I mean.  They are doing the 80% of the work that only gets 20% of the potential results. You are leaving a lot of unrealized profits on the table.

When your team has the capacity and capability, but not the performance, what do you do?  You can
    fire a few of them as examples,
    fire their manager and bring in new blood,
    micro-manage their every minute,
    give rah rah pep talks every week, or
    send them out for expert training.

    You can coach them for performance.

The MasterStream Method using the ChangeGrid will give you an instant analysis of where each member of your team is at right now.  Specific actions you can take that will move each individual the direction you want become obvious.  And if someone isn't going to move and has to be fired, you'll know in a week instead of in 6 months.

Coaching For Performance is a specific focus of the ChangeWorks! change management system.

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