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Dilts & Associates

About Us

We are recruiters and trainers. We connect the best people with the best companies.  We also train managers and teams to transform companies.  We are Competitive Employment Strategists.

How good of a recruiter are you?

I stole, from an international leader with over 2000 salespeople, 2 of the top 5 salespeople, and moved them into one of my clients.

I placed 4 of the top 5 salespeople at another client.  They became the top salespeople in their second year in this biomedical company.

What some other people said:

“Working with Bryan to find the right people for challenging projects was always a pleasure! He never disappoints because he does exactly what he says he will do!”  Catharene Garula

“Bryan is a great recruiter who understands the needs of his clients and candidates. He is always ready to help with career advice or general life knowledge. I would recommend Bryan for all recruiting needs.” Gene Leshinsky

“Brian is a top notch executive recruiter and is just a great person.” Steven Lopez

How good of a trainer are you?

I gave away a Day of Learning on the second Tuesday of each month.  Come and see.

Our Clients

Here's a list of our clients and clients of MasterStream and ChangeWorks! training.  Our clients are bolded on the list.

Our background

We started out as Arbol Group, Inc.  The biography I wrote for that site pretty much sums up my attitude and the things I value in business.  I got into training when I decided to teach people How To REALLY Get a GREAT JOB. I enjoyed teaching people to get great jobs with or without my involvement as a recruiter. 

Helping managers find, choose, and persuade the best people to work for them has been my job since 1992.  I love it. 

I found out that many of the things I learned about people, and the tools I found and developed, were career and company altering bombshells.  So, now I train the salespeople, managers, and
HR professionals I love, how to transform their companies.


Fees for training and consulting. Fees for recruiting.

I'm Bryan Dilts.  Give me a call.


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These are keynote and multi-day classes we give at corporate retreats.

Classes available for:

   Sales Management
   Management & Leadership

Jobs we can advertise

click here for some of the jobs we can advertise.  Many top level searches cannot be announced.